Readings for direction and insight


At the start of the session, Carmel’s support teams will provide her with information on the aspects of a client’s life that they may need help with or given insights to, whether it’s to do with their job situations, love relationships, health, finances or children. Or she may simply give you a rundown of what the future has in store for you.

Based on a combination of visions and words sent to her by Spirit, Carmel will conduct the reading, endeavouring to provide her client with clarity regarding the direction they could be taking in their life. She also likes to give clients the opportunity to ask questions to help gain clarity in specific areas of their life.

The readings are recorded and sent to your email address via dropbox. Overall, all readings offer personal as well as professional direction, but they also are a healing experience.


 Carmel does provide clear, detailed readings. Distance and time are not an issue when your working in the Spiritual Realms!

Please bear in mind that these readings need to be calendar-booked and paid in advance.


Can I bring someone into the reading?

I am happy if you want someone there for support.What you need to know is, there are NO Secrets where spirit is concerned. So you need to be 100% sure that the person who is coming with you, that your okay with them hearing private information. Also you need to be prepared if Spirit ends up giving your support person more of a reading than yourself.

Who I won't work with

I do not work with those under 18years of age, or If you are under the influence of any alcohol or high on any substances at the time of the reading.

If someone I really love has passed away, Am I keeping them stuck here?

"We are their heaven" they want to visit us, they want to help us! When your loved one has passed they have moved on into the next realm, your loss and grief will not keep them stuck here they understand your pain.Naturally If you have lost someone suddenly and you are hurting,make sure you visit your doctor, find someone you can talk to,and make time for healing it really makes a difference.

How do I know if My loved ones are around me?

Our Loved ones or Spirit they have many calling cards, they will try and give us signs so you know that they are with us, I have listed them below.

  • Clocks stopping Sometimes it seems that a time on a clock repeatedly stands out or be stuck there for a few minutes. This may be a special number sequence like 11.11 or 3.33 or the time your loved one passed or when you heard news of their passing,or a significant time in their life while on the earth plane like time they always arrived home for work.

  • Photos or videos You look at the video or photos and it may appear to have captured the image of a passed loved one in their human form,or you may have orbs or unusual lights.

  • Changes in room temperature Sudden drop or increase in temperature in the room.You may have a cool feeling or you could get goose bumps on your body or a rush of warm air travel over or through you.

  • Sounds You may hear your name being called or hear a laugh or noise representative of a loved one in Spirit. A random song of significance may play in your head,or you hear it on a radio. 

  • Electrical Spirits have the ability to manipulate electricity. Flickering and blowing out light-bulbs,appliances coming on or off,changes on TV channels or radio stations.

  • Smell or taste You may receive a whiff of perfume or smell associated with a loved one. A taste may appear in your mouth,even though you have not eaten anything the taste of your Mum's apple pie that she use to make.

  • Shadows or movements Out of the corner of your eye you see a shadow or movement.You turn your head and there is nothing there out of the corner of your eye.When you are relaxed,with no expectation, we allow the logical part of our brain to slow down. This is what you need to do to see. You may catch glimpse of Spirit Communicators in your peripheral vision.

  • Touching sensations You may feel a pressure,light caress or touch on your body.Then you think, Is that my imagination? Often it isn't,it is Spirit Communicators trying to offer you support or to let you know that they are there. Most time you will feel the sensation on the same place of your body. Acknowledge that you can feel them.This is their special way of communicating with you.    

  • Feathers May appear indoors,outdoors or in the most unusual of places.                      .

  • Faces You may be in a crowded place and all of a sudden you see the face of your loved one who has passed. It was only a split second but it will be etched in your mind.                                         

  • Butterflies and Birds Many cultures believe seeing a butterfly or a bird after a loved one has passed,shows that they have crossed over. Butterflies and birds have a way of showing up when you have been thinking of a loved one who has passed, to show us they are with you.

  • Computers and Cell Phones,iPads Are often used from Spirit Communications.They may turn themselves on and off.Computers may redirect you to a different site that has relevance to the person who has passed,downloading documents or sending emails.Cell phones can send messages,change screen savers or play music in the middle of the night.                                      

  • Dreams Often Spirit communicators will connect in our dreams.You may see them clearly or feel them around you.This is because of the relaxed state you go to when you go to sleep,are dreaming and waking up.

  • Visions and thoughts You may hear a voice or have a definite thought that pops in.Sometimes this is repeated to really get you to listen.You may feel like you are daydreaming and have a clear vision of a situation or event that is happening now or about to.

  • Phones or doorbells ringing once  You doorbell rings and no one there? Your phone may ring once then stop or you hear a notification on your cell or computer but nothing is there.Don't worry it is just Spirit getting your attention.

  • Messages                   

  • Sometimes our loved ones will use other people to tell us something ,so they can get a message to us. Spirit will push you to seek out a Medium and they will keep directing you to their website.