Carmel Cochrane

Matakite I Spiritual Healer I PSYCHIC MEDIUM



Healing improves inner strength and creates calmness,

while a reading provides clarity of  direction.

Both help facilitate life changes you want.




Get ready to take the steps to refocus your life...

Have you lost your way in life and are looking for some answers and a clear direction? Known in the Maori culture as a Matakite (‘seer’), Carmel is a gifted spiritual healer, psychic medium and intuitive visionary who guides people towards connecting to their internal wisdom, thereby giving them the clarity and freedom they need to live their life to its fullest potential, free from, physical and emotional trauma and pain. Carmel invites you to take a journey with her so you can achieve peace of mind and develop the confidence to follow a clear path to wellbeing, via her unique healing, or readings.

As Carmel puts it: “Today we live in a world filled with stifling pressures and demands. Sometimes we feel as though we have no control over these events. We find ourselves not knowing whether we are walking the right path. Some of us aren’t sure of how to get there, while others simply need clear direction and healing to take us off the constant treadmill of exhaustion. My inherent healing gifts and the treatments I have created make it a privilege to participate in your healing process, and to empower you to discover your pathway. You will experience emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.”


Gifted Matakite
I have known Carmel for almost a decade now so have observed a number of her skills and services in action. I keep returning when I need to not because I am dependent or needy of her help but because in short she is a true and gifted Matakite, a healer and a great beautician. On many fronts Carmel has enabled me to strengthen myself, coach me towards better understanding my world through readings and provided spiritual protection for me and my whanāu at another level when required.

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