Always spot on
Carmel needs no reviews, as her work speaks for itself – it’s revolutionary. Every time she successfully moves emotional boulders, lifts heavy energy we may be carrying and re-balances all the indecision in our minds. Due to her intuitive skills, she doesn’t need to ask any questions as can sense the second you walk through the door what is going on in your life and what needs work. I recommend her by a 150 percent to anyone looking for direction and balancing. Her busy schedule both in New Zealand and overseas is testament to her authenticity and brilliance. You will not be disappointed.

Nicole W - New Zealand

Truly gifted
Carmel is lovely. Her energy is wonderful as she communicates with those on the other side. Not only did I get messages and confirmation from my loved ones who had passed over, but she also told me a lot about my future. She was spot on about what I had been through, what I was going through, and described my children perfectly. She could also see the future of my grown-up daughters.

I highly recommend Carmel.

Dill S - New Zealand


Is the word that springs to mind when I think about what Carmel did to me. I have never received so much love in my life during one hour. Not only did she save my life but she gave me clear directions and most importantly HOPE for the future.Every word was important and spoke to my heart directly. I have listened to the recording many times and she was spot on in everything she said.Talking about money is irrelevant because you cannot really put a price on saving someone from committing suicide. If I had money I would definitely pay $50, 000 for what this one-hour session with her. I meet her February 2017 I am still blown away by her reading and healing. I am also still lost for words to describe my emotions but I think it is only fair she gets this honest feedback from me.My parents and family in France would also like to express their immense gratitude to Carmel. I am now focusing on being a better person and helping others the best way I can.I have now a clear understanding of what a genuine HEALER is and I will forever be grateful for what she did for me and my family.

Ivan K - New Zealand

Insightful healing

I see Carmel once or twice a year. I don’t say anything and she knows exactly what I am there for. I find it reassuring that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. It also provides a lot of clarify surrounding things in my life that are causing me worry. I always feel calmer and more relaxed when I walk out the door, and it often helps me quell those swirling thoughts and concerns from my mind! I always think about Carmel as being my counselor with insight.

Katie N-New Zealand


When I first had my session on Skype with Carmel I was desperate I wanted to end my life,I had no reason to live. I had not left my home in 2 years I was suffering from panic attacks,Complex PTSD symptoms I was a mess. As a result of being held against my will where I was kidnapped,Sexual and physically Assaulted over the course of a six month period.I never thought I would ever be well again. Due to what I had been through, I had treatment every week for a year, except for the first month I had two Skype session a week even though Carmel was on holiday with her family. As you can imagine words could never express the gratitude that I have for her Atua Healing has saved me. My whole family truly love her as my parents were so fearful that they might lose me.

 Vielen Dank Engel Carmel, mein Leben ist jetzt wunderbar !

Hanna J - Germany

The Skype factor
I initially thought it would be a little bit strange and distracting to do healing via Skype, because of it being a virtual thing and one not being in the direct presence of the other body. But I found it was really effective and I could connect myself to my sensations and feelings and receive Carmel’s guidance and healing. It was a new experience for me and I recommend it to those who need help but do not live New Zealand. Love and Peace.

Delfina E - Argentina


When I first contacted Carmel I was in a loveless marriage,I hated my job and where I lived. At first I thought how can healing work over Skype ? So I decided I had to get on a plane from Poland and meet her personally in her clinic. Little did I know my whole life was about to change when I entered her clinic. The healing was unbelievable her insight into why I kept repeating the same patterns finally she gave me enormous understanding as to why. I then went back to Poland and I was so surprised that her healing over Skype was the same as being in her clinic there truly was no difference. Over a course of a year I had healing every week. I started to feel good about myself, I felt stronger,calmer. Today I am living in a a new country in a loving relationship which I thought was not possible. With Carmel's help I was able to gain confidence to actually retrain where I am making a difference in peoples lives. Thank you Carmel

Zofia Z - Poland


When I meet Carmel, I was working in a job where I was being bullied daily, it was truly awful I had lost all of my confidence. I needed my job because I was supporting my daughter and my mother. I did not expect my life to be like this at 43 when I couldn't sleep, I was suffering from panic attacks, which I was hiding from everyone. Carmel insisted that I needed help from my Doctor and to seek out a therapist. I was not expecting that approach but she explained that the medication had a place in my healing process,as I still had to hold down a job, and keep a home going as my mother has sever arthritis. Her approach with me was to look at my life like a Jig-saw puzzle. Where she helped me, to put all the pieces of my life back together. Today I am no longer in that terrible job,I'm not on any medication anymore. I maintain my healing with her about every eight to twelve weeks, she says I'm fine and I can stretch it out further truth is I never want to visit that old place.

Sarah H - New Zealand

Your are more than Welcome to send in your stories, It has been a real honor to see you become well in your life.

Thank you God, for giving me these gifts to help all your children. Arohanui Carmel